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We specialise in the transfer and diffusion of the cutting edge industrial water treatment technology- the ScaleBlaster - in Manufacturing, Power and Mining Industries across Africa. The ScaleBlaster is a non-chemical electronic system that is designed for the continuous on-line mineral scale removal & control in process pipes and on heat exchange surfaces.

Water side fouling and scale formation in process pipes and heat exchange equipment present key plant maintenance challenges that precipitate in equipment integrity and reduced plant efficiency. Scale removal/control ensures increased thermal energy exchange efficiency in heat exchangers which results in sustained energy savings; reduce carbon emissions and operations and maintenance cost reduction.

Our ScaleBlaster projects are suited to a wide range of industries and process applications and have demonstrated to reduce energy losses, greenhouse gas emissions, maintenance cost and downtime and improvement in equipment life-span. Typical commercial and industrial unit operations that realize significant benefits include:
  • Process heating and cooling in all types of heat exchangers
  • Process cooling of auxiliary equipment (compressors, motors, pumps etc)
  • Heat transfer surfaces that are prone to scaling/fouling ( condenser tubes, space cooling radiators in Chiller plants)
  • Heat transfer surfaces in steam generation and steam condensation in all industries (fire/ water tubes boilers)
  • Cooling towers scale and algae removal and control
  • Pipe surface scaling removal and control due to high pH and alkalinity ( e.g. process water pipe lines,  waste water effluent discharge lines such as coal ash handling, geothermal well pipe lines)

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