Our Services

Our core focus, Energy Efficiency Improvement in process plants promotes sustainable fuel reduction, steam efficiency improvement and green gas emission reduction.

Our projects address water-side fouling in the auxiliary equipment and process pipes scaling, which presents various industrial plant operation and maintenance challenges. The ScaleBlaster Engineering Technology effectively and continuously descales and controls scale formation ON-LINE in;

a) process pipes to optimize flow rates and reduce pumping energy consumption;
b) remove and control water-side scaling and fouling of heat exchange tube surfaces in heat exchangers,
c) remove clogging of nozzles by scale and restores spray nozzle efficiencies.

The technology transfer and cleaner production program in industries involve the following services:

  • Plant Survey and Equipment Sizing for determination of the appropriate equipment capacities for project design;
  • Collection of baseline data of key performance indicators, which is necessary for monitoring and the assessment of designed project performance leading to Electronic Descaler installation;
  • Operational and maintenance Training;
  • Monitoring of Project Key Performance Indicators to assess project performance;
  • Post installation maintenance service;