Our Technology

Improving Energy Efficiency, Optimizing Process Efficiency & Operation and Maintenance Cost Reduction

biofilpty-scaleblaster-technologyThe ScaleBlaster is unique in its ability to effectively and continuously descale and control scale formation on-line in process pipes, heat exchange tube surfaces, and other auxiliary heat exchange equipment.

The ScaleBlaster comprises electronic power box and a signal cable. The signal cable is wrapped around the pipe conveying aqueous slurry or solution to be treated. The technology basically generates induced current in the coil, which is modulated to produce square wave current of frequency ranging 1000-12,000Hz.

The frequency modulation causes molecular agitation of all solvated mineral ions in the water as well as the water molecules within the region of influence of the signal cable – phenomena called Induced Molecular Agitation (IMA).

The IMA leads to the nucleation of sparingly soluble substances with solubility products of the order of exp-10 and above such as calcium and magnesium carbonates; and also increases the solvent properties of water for removing existing crystalline scale deposits on surfaces in contact with water.

These two distinctive features results in the desired changes in the physico-chemical characteristics and morphological changes of sparingly soluble mineral compounds that leads to the descaling and effective control of scaling.


The technology prevents scale fouling by changing the morphology of the scale forming minerals, especially low dissolving mineral ions with very low solubility product, and particularly for Ca/Mg carbonates which have inverse solubility in high temperature and high pH unit process operations.

The scale-forming crystalline materials are converted to powdery, insoluble amorphous particulate, which do not adhere to heat and mass transfer surfaces but flows in the water phase.

The insoluble, non-adherent, suspended particulate ultimately deposits in sumps and on-line strainers.